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San Marino | Find Out What Happened To Serhat's Famous Hat As He Talks To Eurovoxx

Eurovoxx are in Spain for the Eurovision pre-party that is so big that it needs two nights to keep all the fans happy, and entertained. Hola Espaniol one of the final parties of the season has been happening in Madrid this weekend, that has seen over 20 of this years representatives perform on stage to an eagerly awaiting audience. Eurovoxx were once again at the event are were so fortunate to meet those who will be performing. This year San Marino will be represented by Serhat who will song his self penned hit, "Say Na, Na, Na". As usual he was extremely charming, and more than happy to chat to our Spanish Seniorita who was not fan girling in the slightest. He was pleased, and more than happy to speak to Clara. Check out what he had to say below.

Clara had to start by telling the king of cool, how slick, and smooth his voice is when he sings, and talks. He responded by saying, "you make my day Clara". He told us that he was very glad to be back in Eurovision, and that, "it was no in my plans to come back. As they asked me for a second time, I wanted to have one condition. I said okay if there is a good song I will do it. Find me a good song, and I will do it. Then I Thought why am I not writing this good song myself. I did it at that moment, and called them back and said hear I am. i go and the song is ready. I beleive this inspiration that came from 'Say Na, Na, Na is also a sign that my mission at the Eurovision is not completed yet". We cannot help but notice that it is a powerful message, and love this.

We were impressed that he was able to pen the song within five minutes. He was so modest in regards to this, and said it does not matter how long it takes, "inspiration is just like that". It is true you either have it or you do not. Serhat clearly does. He also told us that he even had the concept of the video in his head already.

The amazing artist is a man who clearly knows what he wants. He had full control of the song, the video, and now the staging is all his too. He told Clara that, "this year I wanted to be just myself. i have ideas, and I am good at creative ideas. I am producer as well. This time I decided each step must be done by myself". This is in complete contrast to his last appearance where he admitted that he had only about 40% in put into the staging, and admitted that this time he would enjoy it a lot more. Check out Andy reacts to San Marino below.

We wanted to know between the two Eurovision's what the star had been up to? "Actually, I became known in many countries in the world a top ten hit, it was the only song that got this success. I entered the American bean orchards with this song, and it became the only Eurovision song after fifteen years (made the top 25 in the dance chart), and then i made a duet with Martha Walsh, and Helena Paparizou.... I gave concerts with my shows. My album is finished on the third of May, and my album will be released". We certainly cannot wait for this to be dropped, and first in line to get it.

Of the album he has told us that he will tour with it, and go on some holidays. He likes Spain, and is very keen to come again. Twice is never enough for San Marino, the talented artist has admitted that he would consider submitting another song for the country, but also said that he will continue to write music. Sadly for us he admitted that this would be his last time as a singer, "but as a composer, and producer, I am very open to write songs for San Marino or any other country that wants me too". the team are very pleased to find out that he will continue with his writing skills.

The famous pink hat? Clara wanted to know where it went. He jokingly told us that was the old Serhat, and this was the new one, and that he doesn't always like to be the same when it comes to his appearance. "This is Serhat of 2019".

For his European fans he said, "My message is celebrate life. It is so important, it is beautiful and fine. I always say we are all our own hero's. Never forget this. Say Na, Na, Na, of course". Probably the most fitting way to end the interview. All the team would like to wish him the very best.

King Serhat is back again this year. Do you like the song? Do you think it will qualify? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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