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Israel | Find Out What Gets Kobi Marimi All Emotional As He Talks To Eurovoxx

Eurovoxx are in Spain for the Eurovision pre-party that is so big that it needs two nights to keep all the fans happy, and entertained. Hola Espaniol one of the final parties of the season has been happening in Madrid this weekend, that has seen over 20 of this years representatives perform on stage to an eagerly awaiting audience. Eurovoxx were once again at the event are were so fortunate to meet those who will be performing. This year Israel will be represented by Kobi Marimi who will be performing his song "Home". It has been a long time coming getting an interview with him. Eurovoxx were certainly pleased to finally have chat. Dressed all in orange, he was so casual, and just extremely happy to be there taking questions from all the press. Please check the video out below.

The singer has had a lot of reactions to his performance, Andy wanted to know had he seen many of them. He told us that, "there are so many of the reactions. I got super emotional. I always get emotional on this journey, and I saw the reactions of many people, and I got emotional by that. Too know your song touch people, and your art doing its main job is amazing. It is amazing to see". The song is an emotional one, we wanted to know how he keeps it calm on stage? To which Kobi told us that, "it is hard some times, but for me singing is like scream, and laugh, and cry. It is kind of the same for me to deliver this message. Sometimes I do cry when I sing... I cannot control it". However, he admitted his main goal was to touch as many people in the three minutes he has.

Kobi will be lucky this year, as the support for him will be immense. He will be performing to a home crowd, and we wanted to know he feels about that? "I cannot describe how honoured I feel to be the one to represent my country in Israel. I just think about it makes me chills, to know that everyone will watch you in those three minutes. I know when i watched Netta, i was in complete silence, almost no breathing... I know my country will want me to do my best". Unfortunately, asking the talented artist that question did lead him to actually feeling nervous. We will be careful not to ask that again.

He is a very handsome guy, and always dressed extremely smart. We wanted to know if he was going to echo this on stage. Again, he was another performer who was coy, and did not want to give much away. However, we did notice that we needed a Kobi for every occasion. Check out the Eurovoxx announcement on the Israeli representative below:

Eurovoxx wanted to know what was going to happen between Spain, and Israel? We were told that, "many rehearsals on the real stage, try to calm myself. To know i am doing the things I like, and not fall to the stress of the competition, and to know how beautiful it is". We also wanted to know what advice he would give to anyone visiting Tel Aviv. The simple answer was a lot of sun protection because it is hot there. He is such a proud Israeli, and was telling people that they needed to go. He really sold the dream of Israel really well. "You have to come".

As with most of our interviews, we wanted to know if he had any words for the fans. Kobi said, "Even if you don't have tickets for Eurovision, come to Israel, we are going to have so many huge big screens, and parties. It is going to be crazy, loving, and hugging. Just come. thank you for supporting me, and the other contestants. It is amazing. Thank you so much".

The whole team would like to wish Kobi the very best in the final, and know that he will do his country proud.

Do you like the song? Do you think Kobi Marimi can make it a second win for Israel? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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