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Croatia | 'Love Can Make the World A Better Place' - Eurovoxx Talks To Roko Blažević

Eurovoxx are in Spain for the Eurovision pre-party that is so big that it needs two nights to keep all the fans happy, and entertained. Hola Espaniol one of the final parties of the season has been happening in Madrid this weekend, that has seen over 20 of this years representatives perform on stage to an eagerly awaiting audience. Eurovoxx were once again at the event are were so fortunate to meet those who will be performing. This year Croatia had opted to send Roko with his song, "Dream" that was written by Jacques Houdek who had previously competed for the country in 2017. Wearing his white jacket, the talented young singer was in full voice, and more than happy to take questions from Andy who was happy to interview this young man. Please check out the full video below.

The interview started with Roko singing, he was not aware he was being filmed which was amusing. The singer was so comfortable with Andy, and told him that he was feeling great, and excited for today's event. In regards to it being his first public event for the fans, Roko told Eurovoxx that, "I am excited, and really honoured to be here. These fans are crazy, and so it is going to be pretty good". It is true Eurovision fans are crazy, but are the best in the world.

He has been one popular artist, and gained many new fans from not just Croatia, but all of Europe. Andy asked him of the reaction of fans, and how he felt about it? The talented star told us that, "It means really a lot to me. I don't sing just for me. i sing for my fans, and family. they are my audience. They really do mean a lot. thank them for all of this". A genuinely humble performer who certainly seems to appreciate the opportunity he has been given.

The next question was wings or not too wings? We wanted to know if he would be wearing them in Tel

Aviv or would be ditching them? We wanted to know more about the staging, but with most artists, he proved to be allusive by telling Andy that, "I am allowed, but i am not going to tell you. I think it is best if we keep it a surprise, it is going too be good. we are really working on our performance, and it is going to be perfect". The team certainly cannot wait for this. Of the staging we were also informed that, "we are working with the dancers, now I have two dancers. That is all you can know. Those two are really the best in Croatia, and I am happy to have them by my side. We are almost finished". The young star teased us, by saying we may see some Roko moves in Tel Aviv. This is something the whole team would love to see. Check out Andy reacts to Croatia below:

It been a couple of months since Roko won 'Dora 2019'. We wanted to know how he had been handling the pressure? "The pressure isn't the problem for me, thank goodness. I am still finishing high school. That is a little bit tough. i just cannot wait, I am really excited. I know that I am going to be there, stand there, enjoy, and living my dream". Not only will the star have the pressure of singing live on stage, but he will also have to prepare for his finals that will take place a month after the competition. He seems to be coping very well, and he is such a hard working individual.

Of the composer of the song "Dream", Roko told us that, "He (Jacques Houdek) is the best. He is the best vocalist. He is like the best friend, my friend, like a father. Whatever I wish he is there for you. He is a really good mentor, and he always has some good advice, of course i have to be myself, and enjoy, so it is an honour to work with Jacques".

The last words always comes from the artist who had a special message for his fans. He said that, "You guys dream of love, love is key, and love can make the world a better place. Vote for Croatia". These are certainly lovely words indeed, and are in keeping with the spirit of Eurovision.

This year Croatia will be performing in the second semi final. Do you think Roko will qualify? Do you like the song? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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