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Belgium | Find Out Which Entries Eliot Rates This Year As He Talks To Eurovoxx

Last Sunday, saw the turn of the United Kingdom to hold its Eurovision pre-party. The event that was in its twelfth year, and saw many of this years competing artists come to London to sing, and promote their song. This year, the nations capital was fortunate enough to have many of the Eurovision artists present. Team Eurovoxx were lucky enough to catch up with the Belgian representative for this year, Eliot who will be performing the song, "Wake Up". David had the pleasure to talk to the young star, dressed in a white top, he was very relaxed, and happy, this is what he had to say. Check the interview out below.

The young star was fine, and happy to be in London. The song writer Pierre Dumoulin specifically chose Eliot for the song after hearing his voice, and when asked how he felt of this, the young performer told David that, "He sent me a message, hey I am Pierre, i wrote a song for Blanche tow years ago. He said do you want to work... I immediately said yes, then we worked together. Not for Eurovision at all at the beginning. He asked me if I wanted to do Eurovision. I said yes, and we sent the song to the main broadcaster, and they took it". The rest they say is history, as this young man is the pride of Belgium at the moment.

Eliot was in Amsterdam two weeks ago, London last week, Madrid today. David wanted to know what was the most fun part so far, and if he was enjoying it. The young star told Eurovoxx that, "I am travelling. It is awesome". Of the pressure of the contest itself, and that Belgium has done so well recently we were told that, "obviously there is pressure, but there is also encouragement because I can do it. So they can do it too". We all know with his voice that he most definitely can.

Eliot's rise to fame started on "The Voice Belgique", we wanted to know had he always been interested in music, and what made him want to audition for that? He told us that, "actually, I didn't think, i saw the announcement on Facebook saying the new season of the voice is coming. Send your videos to be part of it, and I didn't think much of it". From one small acorn grows a mighty tree, as he is now representing his country on possibly the biggest musical stage that there is. Check out Andy reacts to Eliot below:

Many of the artists have been elusive in regards to how their staging of their songs will look like in Tel Aviv. There was no change here with Eliot who told us that, "I can tell you that the staging will be very different from the video clip. Also, I am working with the same arts director as Blanche two years ago... It's going to be awesome". The whole team are intrigued as to how it will be staged, and cannot wait to see it in Tel Aviv.

We wanted to know if he was a fan of Eurovision before this. Eliot was all smiles, and admitted to not watching the contest before, "my parents didn't watch before, so I didn't get a chance to watch it". He had heard several of this years songs, and felt that the Netherlands had a really good song this year. However, he is more interested in meeting the artists, and getting to know them better. Miki was also a good entry he admitted.

David gave Eliot a chance to have the final word to his fans, and said, "thank you all so much for your support, because it means so much to me, and it goes straight to my heart. I wish you the best". Such nice words from from a lovely performer.

Belgium are hoping to qualify this year after failing to do so in 2018. Do you like Eliot's soing? Do you think it will qualify? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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