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Germany I Italy Wins "Songcheck 2019"

Since 2011, (after Lena's victory in 2010) it has become tradition for the German broadcaster ARD to produce an online show called "Songcheck" where every single Eurovison entry of the current year gets analysed by the presenter, special guests (in video clips) and also online users.

Afterwards, every entry (besides the german entry) receives points from 1 to 12, like in the Eurovision Song Contest. In this years edition, the presenters Alina Stiegler and Stefan Spiegel have both 25% of the voting power, the online user providing the other 50% of the final result.

In total, they discussed the 42 Songs (41 participating entries + Ukraine), with 40 Songs getting assessed. The show contained 4 episodes, discussing 10-11 entries each time. The results were quite similar to the betting odds (as of 19.04.19). Below is the top 10 of "Songcheck" against the current betting odds.

Songcheck 2019 Betting Odds

1. Italy (10,35) 1. The Netherlands

2. The Netherlands (10,25) 2. Russia

3. Switzerland (9,25) 3. Switzerland

4. Cyprus (8,80) 4. Italy

5. Malta (8,10) 5. Sweden

6. Norway (8,00) 6. Iceland

7. Slovenia (7,95) 7. Cyprus

8. Russia (7,85) 8. Malta

9. Sweden (7,80) 9. Greece

10. Czech Republic (7,80) 10. Norway

As one can see, the Songcheck results have two clear favorites. Mahmood's "Soldi" from Italy narrowly won the Songcheck.

Bookies favourite Duncan Laurence with "Arcade" finished second, very close behind Italy. The overall opinion is that both of these entries are potential winners.

Luca Hänni, who became famous in Germany thanks to his victory in the casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" in 2012, finished third. In total, it can be said that the german fan community agrees with most of the current favourites, including 8 Songs from the Betting odds Top 10 in the first 10 places.

In the Songcheck, Slovenia (13th in the odds) and the Czech Republic (19th in the odds) finished in the Top 10 while Greece (12th in the Songcheck) and Iceland (13th in the Songcheck) didn't.

Moldova came last in the Songcheck with only 2,70 points. Even though the German entry wasn't accessed, it received a positive Feedback. Most of the comments expect a place at least in the middle of the scoreboard.

You can find all four episodes of this year's Songcheck on the german Eurovision Website (

What do you think About These results? Do you agree with them? Let us know down in the comments!

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