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France | 'It Is Just Going To Be A Magical Moment' - Eurovoxx Talks To Bilal Hassani

Last Sunday, saw the turn of the United Kingdom to hold its Eurovision pre-party. The event that was in its twelfth year, and saw many of this years competing artists come to London to sing, and promote their song. This year, the nations capital was fortunate enough to have many of the Eurovision artists present. Team Eurovoxx were lucky enough to catch up with the French representative for this year, Bilal Hassani who will be performing his song, "Roi" in Tel Aviv. Unfortunately, he had to pull out of Eurovision in concert a week before in Amsterdam. However, their loss was London's gain as he was more than happy enough to take questions from Andy who was keen to interview the French star. Check out the interview below:

Bilal looked sensational wearing his black leather jacket, and sporting his traditional look, and he looked, and felt "amazing". Since he was selected to become France's next Eurovision representative, he has been busy, and said that, "it is the best experience ever, I always try to pinch myself because is this a dream? Am i going to wake up, and it's going to be all over... I am really enjoying myself". You can really tell that Bilal is enjoying his whole Eurovision experience.

It was January when the song was selected, and the team wanted to know more about the performance, and if there will be a revamp? He said, "Other than Eurovision, we did an album that is coming out on April 26th, it is called Kingdom, and I am proud of this album... It is my first album, and i am super excited. We have done a lot of concerts, and promotion for Eurovision. We were in Ukraine, Stockholm... Overall we have done a lot of stuff, and yes we have done a revamp, but I am not revealing it until the first rehearsal". He was sorry, however, it is Eurovision, and you do need to keep some surprises until the end.

In regards to how much influence that the French star has had in regards to how his performance will be staged in Tel Aviv, he told us that, "I have been very involved, too involved in everything. I like to have an eye on all the details on how everything is going. I want to know when the things are going not so good, or not so well... I have the final say in everything". He is in control, and certainly knows what he wants, but you can tell that he loves having the chance to be around a team that all listens to each other. The French representative seeks the advice of all his friends, and people who know him. Check out Andy reacts to Bilal below:

Behind every fabulous guy, there is an even more fabulous mom. We wanted to know how much inspiration his mum is, and about the relationship that they have. As you can imagine there was a lot, "She is the only inspiration I have... Too become the person I am today, I looked up to her, and everyday. She is my mum". Team Eurovoxx are certainly bigging up the mums at Eurovision this year.

Andy had to check if his pronunciation of 'Destination Eurovision' was correct, but he had to ask Bilal about the massive public vote that he won by, and the support of his fans. We wanted to know how he felt? "It was not expected, I was really surprised, I was very shocked, I am very happy, I am trying to stay as grounded as possible, because I want to live this experience the fullest possible. I just really want to have a good time, so I do not want to get to in my head about other stuff.... Don't forget you are going to be performing on that stage in front off 200 million viewers". More importantly though, "you are going to share a lot of love, self acceptance. It is just going to be a magical moment". He acknowledged that you don't live twice, and he is determined to stay focused.

Bilal has lots of fans, and it was only fair that the interview ended with a message from him to them. He opened up and said, "For all the international fans, I am going to be taking care of the subtitles on my YouTube channel so you can all understand... Buy Roi, Kingdom, and don't forget to stream... vote for me".

Bilal is amazing, and we cannot wait to see him light up that stage in Tel Aviv. "Bon Chance".

Do you think France will win this year? Do you like "Roi"? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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