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Estonia | Puppies Or Kittens? Find Out What Victor Crone Prefers As he Talks To Eurovoxx

Last Sunday, saw the turn of the United Kingdom to hold its Eurovision pre-party. The event that was in its twelfth year, and saw many of this years competing artists come to London to sing, and promote their song. This year, the nations capital was fortunate enough to have many of the Eurovision artists present. Team Eurovoxx were lucky enough to catch up with the Estonian representative for this year, Victor Crone who will be hoping to cause a "Storm" in Tel Aviv in May. Although, he is Swedish, he has won the hearts of the Estonian population who voted for him in mass during the Eesti Laul final earlier this year. He was very polite, fun, and casual, and this is what he had to say to Chris who interviewed him. Check out the full interview below:

Chris couldn't help make the comparison that last year there was SuRie with Storm, and Victor this year, with a song of the same name. He did joke, and say he would try, and make it more energetic. Of winning the Estonian national final, and being able to go to all these events, and Tel Aviv he said, "I am Swedish originally, I had some thought will they accept me as a Swede? but apparently they did,m and i am super happy that they did, and it is great opportunity for me. I am excited... a bit nervous, but am enjoying it". Chris also told him that he was not the first swede to represent Estonia, and that Anna Sahlene had done the same back in 2002 when the country last hosted. We wanted to know if he had spoken to her, and if so what was said? Victor said that they hadn't but, "hopefully I will here".

Of his experience in London, the team wanted to know if he had liked it, and if he had been here before? Victor told us that he had come here five years ago, to see Richard Marx. Of his favourite Eurovision experience so far he told us that the community is so happy, and everyone was fun, and this is the bit that he enjoys the most. Also, meeting new people, and enjoying the different types of scenery. More importantly though being interviewed by a Welsh guy must have been the most rewarding part for him.

Chris wanted to know more about the preparations, and how he was preparing? Victor told Eurovoxx that, "we are going to keep a bit of it, as in Eesti Laul. but we have some changes. Everything is not 100% set yet. We want to make it more bigger, energetic, and more Eurovision". Throw in some pyrotechnics, and fireworks, that would certainly do the trick. Check out Andy reacts to "Storm" below:

The team wanted to know Victor a bit more, and asked him what makes him happy? He told us that, "there is plenty of things, music always makes me happy most of the time. Hanging out with my friends, and family, I really love the sea. I have my boat in Sweden, and when i have free time I like to sail". The talented singer admitted to being in the music scene for some time, but in regards to those special in his life he said, "my friends, and family were in Estonia when I won... They were happy".

The singer also talked about when he won the ticket to Tel Aviv, and how happy he was. "When we got the jury points... we actually thought it was over, all the guys around me said Victor it was a good try so it is over. So i was like okay, I was a bit disappointed. Then we got to the super final, so I think it was to much emotion for me, and then when we won I didn't have anything in me". The rest they say is history, and Victor is now the pride of both Estonia, and Sweden.

The final question that Chris posed was puppies or kittens? Without a doubt the singer was quick to say, "puppies..... I have brought up with dogs my whole life. So i think that is the way I am". Chris was keen to say he had agreed with his answer.

The interview ended with the team wishing this great singer the best of luck. The whole team wish him well on his Eurovision journey.

Do you like the song from Estonia this year? Do you think Victor will qualify? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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