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ESC 2019 | Sneak Preview Of Eurovision Postcards Released

April 16, 2019


With less than a month to go until Europe, and Australia descends on Tel Aviv.  The host broadcaster has released a sneak preview of this year's postcards in order to wet the appetite of the contests many fans.


This morning, a short 55 second video clip was placed on YouTube, and the official Eurovision channel to give a preview of this years postcards.  It would seem that the broadcaster has already done well, and produced some superb ones this year.  You can check them out below:




The postcards have become a stable over the years to promote, and highlight the host country.  Typically they are set in beautiful locations to really promote the area to the world.  Israel are really doing a great job at doing this.  As well as highlighting 41 different stunning locations.  This year the theme has seen each artist dancing in that location.


The preview video released today, see's Miki dancing on a football field. Israel's Kobi Marimi taking on a bit of Latin dancing, whilst there are also images of Bilal Hassani, Oto Nemsadze, and Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman all dancing to israel's former Eurovision winning entry from 1978, "A-Ba-N-Bi".  


The postcards also give the broadcasters a chance to set up the stage before the next performer enters.  With more complex routines, and stagings these days, it is an important tool for Eurovision to ensure, a quick, and smooth transition from one singer to another.


This year's contest is already shaping up to be a fantastic one.  Have you seen the postcards?  What do you think of them?  Please tell us what you think in the comments below.

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