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San Marino | The Backing Vocalists And Dancers Joining Serhat Have Been Revealed

The time is almost upon us, that we finally get to see the finished result in regards to the songs, and how they will be performed on stage. With the pre party season coming to an end within the next few weeks, artists are slowly revealing who will be joining them on stage.

News from San Marino has been quiet lately, however, in the last day more news has come, as it has been revealed who will be joining Serhat on stage in Tel Aviv. Check out Andy reacts to San Marino below:

It has been revealed that the seasoned performer who has represented San Marino once before will be joined by five singers, and dancers. They are:

  • Chantal Hartmann – Previously competed in the Slovenian selection for Eurovision 2004

  • Inès Voha- German Singer, song writer and seasoned performer

  • Sebastián Millepied- Singer, song writer who appeared on "The Voice" Germany 2017

  • Giulia Wahn- Singer who appeared on "The Voice" Germany 2012

  • Johan D. Seil – Backing singer for Russia in 2016 and Azerbaijan 2017

The team behind Serhat's song, including the singer himself have already began rehearsing for Tel Aviv this weekend. The 6 singers, and dancers were on Instagram recently proudly preparing for Eurovision, and it would seem preparations are well under way. Could we have a second qualification for San Marino?

Last year, the country once again failed to qualify when Jessika feat Jenifer Brening sang, "Who We Are". It came 17th, only scoring 28 points. There is a lot of love for this year's entry, and it could be surprise qualifier.

Are you looking forward to seeing the full performance all completed? Do you like San Marino's entry this year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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