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Italy | 'I Like Intimate Performances' - Eurovoxx Talks To Mahmood

This Saturday, saw the turn of the United Kingdom to hold its Eurovision pre-party. The event that was in its twelfth year, and saw many of this years competing artists come to London to sing, and promote their song. This year, the nations capital was fortunate enough to have Italy's representative Mahmood who performed his song, "Soldi". Giving one of the only English interviews that day, Andy from team Eurovoxx went all fanboy, and had the pleasure to chat to Europe's newest Eurovision star. Spoiler alert, if you don't like sharks this will not be the interview for you. Please check the interview out below:

Mahmood was very good, and seemed to be very happy being in London. He is a seasoned performer who is used to the press, and events such as these. Andy wanted to know if he enjoyed meeting the fans. The Italian star had said, "yes, today, and also last week, Today i am in London, and know the London fans, Last week I was in Tel Aviv, and knew the other fans". He also said that, "it was a pleasure for me to travel so much".

London's Eurovision party stage is a lot smaller than others, and is quite an intimate affair. the team wanted to know how he would find the smaller stage, compared to the larger ones that he is used too. "I like intimate performances because I think that it's more simple for me to speak with people, that are near to me, I hope to do a good job tonight, and at the Eurovision Song Contest". The team were there, and he certainly delivered on what he had said.

There is no doubt that Andy from team Eurovoxx is a huge fan of Mahmood, and of the song. It echo's what other fans have said in regards to Italy's entry this year. We wanted to know how he felt in about all the amazing responses that he had received. The talented artists told us that, "Yes, it's amazing, it;s unexpected because it was a big surprise for me, the success of the song. I simply talk about my life. My story about a family. The fact that this story goes over Italy, my country, makes me so proud". He definitely is making Italy proud at the moment, and even more so when he will perform in Tel Aviv.

Check out Andy Reacts to Italy below:

There is no doubt that you can clearly get the message of the song, and the history of Mahmood's life in song when he sings. So Andy wanted to know about the background of the singer. We were told that he studied a lot when he was younger. He took piano, and guitar lessons. However, he giggled, and admitted that he was better at the piano. Soldi is not the first song that he has written, as the performer has being writing for years. However, "Soldi is in my first album... it took three years of my life. In these three years I have learnt a lot". Everyone cannot wait to see, and hear of this album.

Eurovision will have come and gone before most people will know it. Andy wanted to know what the singers plans were after the contest? "After Eurovision, I will have a tour in Italy, so I will play in lots of parts of my country, and I am really happy, because for me the most important things for a singer, and song writer is the contact with the fans, the public that follow you. I am really curious to see the reaction in front of me when I sing my song". Andy was certainly there giving the biggest reaction last night.

Finally, we wanted Mahmood, and wanted him to have the final words for his fans. He said, "Thank you so much, this was unexpected for me. I hope to see you, everybody .... maybe do a tour all over the world.... See you soon".

Italy will automatically qualify for the Grand Final in May. This year, the country is one of the favourites to win the contest, and the whole team would like to wish the singer, the best of luck on his Eurovision experience.

Will you be supporting Mahmood in May? Do you like the song? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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