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USA | Logo TV Loses Eurovision Broadcasting Rights for 2019

The Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest music event in the world. This year, 41 countries will participate in Israel to fight for the victory. However, non-participating countries within Europe and also outside Europe broadcast the show as well. Last year, China lost their broadcasting Rights due to violations of the rules.

Firstly they didn't show the Albanian entry due to Eugent's Tattoos.

Secondly, the Irish entry wasn't broadcast because of two male dancers, representing a homosexual couple (yes, that was China's reaction in 2018!).

Even though the EBU lost viewers with this reaction, it showed that the broadcasting rules apply for every country. However, the EBU will most likely lose another big country as a broadcaster: The USA. The pay TV channel Logo TV broadcast the music show from 2016 to 2018 with increasing viewers, up to 74.000 last year. Although the ESC is getting more popular in the States, Logo TV won't broadcast this years edition in Tel-Aviv since they didn't extend their Broadcasting rights, maybe due to financial reasons considering that Logo TV is a very small channel. Since Logo TV was the only broadcasting channel in the USA and only a few more weeks to go until the ESC will take place, it can be assumed that the EBU has to eliminate another country from the broadcasting list.

What do you think about it? Do you think the USA should continue the Eurovision broadcast? Should the EBU make sure that other countries outside Europe should broadcast the show? Or do you think the EBU should focus on european countries, making sure that the number of participating countries rises again? Let us know down in the comments.

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