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Malta | Team behind Michela's Stage Performance Revealed

Michela has revealed via her official Facebook and Instagram accounts that she will be working with Ambra Succi for her performance of "Chameleon" in Tel Aviv. Ambra Succi is best known to Eurovision fans as being the choreographer for Loreen's Eurovision performance "Euphoria" back in 2012. Ambra has also worked with Poli Genova at Eurovision 2016 and Robin Stjernberg for his performance in Melodifestivalen 2013. Outside of Eurovision, Ambra has worked with the likes of Pink and has worked on America's Got Talent.

It has also been revealed that the graphics for Malta's staging this year will be designed by Front Pictures, which is a Ukrainian design studio that has previously designed the graphics for Jamala's performance of "1944" at Eurovision 2016.

Check out what Andy thought of "Chameleon"

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