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ESC 2019 | Madrid Pre-Party Final Lineup Revealed

The full line up of the Spanish pre-party has been released! The event will take place for the third time next weekend and a record number of 22 Eurovision 2019 artists will travel to Spain to sing their song.

The Eurovision 2019 artists include:

1. Albania- Jonida Maliqi

2. Armenia- Srbuk

3. Belgium- Elliot

4. Czech Republic- Lake Malawi

5. Croatia- Roko

6. Denmark- Leonora

7. Estonia- Victor Crone

8. Finland- Darude & Sebastian Rejman

9. Georgia- Oto Nemsadze

10. Germany- S!sters

11. Greece- Katerine Duska

12. Iceland- Hatari

13. Israel- Kobi Marimi

14. Lithuania- Jurijus Veklenko

15. Moldova- Anna Odobescu

16. Montenegro- D mol

17. Norway- KEiiNO

18. Poland- Tulia

19. Romania- Ester Peony

20. San Marino- Serhat

21. Spain- Miki

22. United Kingdom- Michael Rice

However, these artists are not the only ones performing, because furthermore 15 special guests will perform:

1. Ira Losco (Malta 2002 & 2016)

2. Cesar Sampson (Austria 2018)

3. Imri (Israel 2017)

4. Suzy (Portugal 2014)

5. Alfred Garcia (Spain 2018)

6. Vania Fernandes (Portugal 2008)

7. Las Ketchup (Spain 2006)

8. Lydia (Spain 1999)

9. Tracy de Sa (Destination Eurovision 2019)

10. Betty Missiego (Spain 1979)

11. Rosa Lopez (Spain 2002)

12. Adelén (Melodi Grand Prix 2013)

13. Noelia Franco (Operacion Triunfo 2019)

14. Alfonso La Cruz (Operacion Triunfo 2019)

15. Dave Zulueta (Operacion Triunfo 2019)

Several special guests will perform at the mini concert on Friday April 19th and the big concert will take place on Saturday April 20th at Sala La Riviera in Madrid.

You can still purchase tickets for the weekend event here.

Will you be attending and joining #TeamEurovoxx at the event!? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media and make sure to say hello to us in Madrid!

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