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Montenegro | 'It'll Be Like A Surprise...It's Going To Be Like In Heaven' Eurovoxx

This weekend saw 28 countries travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands for the biggest Eurovision pre-party on the circuit. It was the first time for much of the fans, and press to see their favourites perform live. Before the show, much of the European, and Australia's media had a chance to interview the artists ahead of the show, and find out more in regards to their preparations for the big event in Tel Aviv. Eurovoxx were lucky enough to be there, and we were extremely excited to have had the opportunity to talk to D-Mol who are this years participants from Montenegro. They were very happy to see Andy since they have been in touch on social media. This is what the artists had to say. Please check the video out below:

The interview began with each of the artists introducing themselves. They are a very young group, with the oldest being 21, and youngest 16. They told Andy that they were formed as a result of their vocal coach putting them together. Their name means D-minor in English. All six singers have gone to the same singing school for roughly two and a half years, but they have been formed for only five months, and put together for Eurovision.

Andy wants to be the sixth member of D-Mol, and wanted to know who was the messiest. Rizoi was the one they pointed too first, although he was quick to deny this. He did say though, "Nobody". That does seem fair. Emel did admit to being the most annoying in the morning, "I sing every time". When asked who the funniest? every single member of the group pointed to Emel. However, Andy did joke about possibly booting one member out of the group to allow him, as there are only six people allowed on stage, at any one time.

Of the reaction to their song, Andy asked had they seen any? The group firstly responded by saying, "thank you for the good comments, we really appreciate that". They were very happy to know that they have gained more fans since the revamp. Of the staging, the group said that, "it's going to be different (to national final performance)... we are not going to reveal it to you... it'll be a's going to be like in heaven". Some members of team Eurovoxx love this song, so are eagerly awaiting the performance.

Last year Montenegro failed to qualify but Andy asked had they met or had any advice from the previous representative. Unfortunately that had not, which is a shame because Vanja was such a funny person. They have done some touristy things when they were in Amsterdam, and visited the city centre, and managed to take some pictures.

D-Mol were extremely excited to be performing in Amsterdam, and were reassured when Andy said the crowd would love the song, especially after the successful revamp. Of the pressure of performing they said that, "we just enjoy... no pressure".

The interview ended with all the members being thankful for the experience, and they were proudly waving their flags. The group have drawn second place to perform in the first semi final on Tuesday 14th May 2019. All the team at Eurovoxx would like to wish D-Mol "Good Luck" in May.

Did you like the interview? Did you like the revamp of the song? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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