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Hungary | 'Love The One's In The Present... When You Lose Them It Is To Late'. Eurovox

This weekend saw 28 countries travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands for the biggest Eurovision pre-party on the circuit. It was the first time for much of the fans, and press to see their favourites perform live. Before the show, much of the European, and Australia's media had a chance to interview the artists ahead of the show, and find out more in regards to their preparations for the big event in Tel Aviv. Eurovoxx were lucky enough to be there, and we were extremely excited to have had the opportunity to talk to this year's Hungarian representative Joci Pápai who will be performing his song "Az én apám" . The star is back for a second time at Eurovision, and to say Andy wasn't excited to interview Joci is an understatement. Both reunited at Amsterdam, and this is what the talented artist had to say. Please check out the interview below:

It all started by Andy saying he was so happy to see Pápai back at the contest. The humbled star was so pleased to hear this, and couldn't thank him enough, and said being back at the contest was one of the most marvellous moment of his life. Eurovoxx asked about the fans support, and his second emotional performance at Eurovision. We were told that, "My song is about the relationship between me and my father, about how well he raised me, and made me into such a strong man. The main message of the song is to love the ones in the present, because when you lose them it is already to late". Such a wonderful message, and one we should all adhere too.

Andy really believes that the artist is really talented when conveying pure emotions through the power of the song. He added that it was his own mums personal favourite entry this year. Our man in Amsterdam had to ask how did he feel about all the positive reactions that he had received. "About 70% reported tears whilst listening to the song, but they all had good emotion... They felt what I felt". It clear that whenever Joci Pápai sings he tells a story, and that can be felt when hearing it.

Andy added humour as he gave a personal message from his mum to Joci Pápai . She wanted him to put shoes on when he performs, as she is worried that his feet would get cold. The artist certainly found the funny side to this, and said, "I am sending a kiss to your mother, and she has very good taste".

The last time he participated at the contest, his song came 8th, we wanted to know if he felt any added pressure that he had already secured one qualification, or if it made it any easier for him. "Right now I do not feel that kind of pressure, and I hope that I wont feel it". We really cannot imagine him getting nervous, as he is so chilled, and relaxed in general. Joci Pápai also said that, "I try to be calm, and professional, and I really think that this cool personality is who I am".

Eurovoxx wanted to know about the staging, and if it would differ from A Dal? As with most of the artists they were not giving too much away. However, "it is going to be a lot different from what you have seen at the stage of A Dal". We cannot to wait to see Joci perform in Tel Aviv, and are sure he will sail straight to the final. We would like to wish his a very big "sok szerencsét" in Tel Aviv.

Do you like Joci song this year? Do you think he will do better this time around? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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