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Czech Republic | 'We All Have To Be Naked'. Eurovoxx Talks To Lake Malawi

This weekend saw 28 countries travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands for the biggest Eurovision pre-party on the circuit. It was the first time for much of the fans, and press to see their favourites perform live. Before the show, much of the European, and Australia's media had a chance to interview the artists ahead of the show, and find out more in regards to their preparations for the big event in Tel Aviv. Eurovoxx were lucky enough to be there, and we were extremely excited to have had the opportunity to talk to this year's Czech Republic representatives Lake Malawi who will be performing in Tel Aviv with the song, "Friend Of A Friend". The trio were coolness personified, they were very calm, and were eager to answer questions from our very own Clara, who certainly had many for them. Dressed casually this is what Albert Černý, Jeroným Šubrt, and Antonín Hrabal had to say. Please check the interview out below:

Clara told the band that their song stood out because it speaks about some mundane moment, a moment that everyone can identify with it, and how the grand theme of love really stands out. Of the song writing, and how important it is to Lake Malawi, they said, "It is very important for us, not only in this song... you always have to be authentic, and quite autobiographical too. So i hope this is audible in a friend of a friend too". It certainly is, and you can clearly see how serious these performers take the song writing procedure. They were impressed with Clara's knowledge of their other songs, and appreciate the effort she had made to know the band more.

Of the staging, and how much control they had over displaying the song. Lake Malawi were very jovial. They said, "We all have to be naked. It's terrible. We have absolutely no control. They always tell us what to do. We have to run around like crazy". Clara clearly approved of this, and said they had competition with the Netherlands this year, as Duncan Laurence is also naked in his video. They added, "We can't compete with his muscles". However, Clara said three guys muscles, over one guys is better.

After Eurovision, what is next for Lake Malawi? They told Eurovoxx that they would be performing shows, and gigs. "We have a lot of shows planned... It is mostly Czech Republic, and you will see what happens... you never know what will happen". Clara also wanted to know how the group had become involved in the whole of the Eurovision experience. Jeroným said that the song was not written for Eurovision, but somehow the team from the Czech delegation found a way to listen to it, "they loved it, they approached us, and the rest is history" we were told.

Clara asked them a good question in regards to the video clip, and how they came up with the concept. Antonín from the band answered, and said, "We thought about some ideas for the video, but I wasn't taking a huge part of thinking of the video... our directors came up with the idea". Of the rehearsal the team has noticed the performance is framed. We wanted to know more, but as ever the artists were tight lipped, and wanted to keep this a secret. "You shall see" we were told.

Lake Malawi are doing the full pre-party season, and will be performing in London, and Madrid next. We hope that this song will be appreciated, and that it will qualify. The whole team would like to wish the Czech republic a very big, "Hodně štěstí".

Do you like the song from the Czech Republic this year? Do you think they could match Mikolas Josef result from last year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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