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Croatia | ENDI Joins The Croatian Delegation

As we already know for a while, Croatia will be represented by Roko Blažević with the song "The Dream", written by the Croatian representitive 2017 Jacques Houdek, Andrea Ćurić and Charlie Mason. In his Dora performance, he sang his power ballad all by himself with his iconic angle wings. However, it can be said that his Performance in Tel Aviv will be different, since Eurosong HRT announced that the dancer ENDI has joined the Croatian delegation and will therefore dance during Roko's song.

This might be a reaction from the fan reception since Roko's Performance, even though his vocals were stunning, has been seen a bit stiff and the stage seemed quite empty. Therefore, including an experienced dancer with almost 28.000 Facebook fans to the Performance might be a very good idea.

ENDI already proved that he is a talented dancer. He's part of the Music Video "My friend Remix" from Jacques Houdek, the Croatian entry in 2017 which finished 13th. You can see his appearence in the video down below.

What's your opinion? Do you think ENDI will be a good addition to Roko's performance and will he increases the chances for Croatia to qualify for the Grand final? After Croatia failed to qualifty in 2018 with "Crazy" by Franka, it would be a great suceess to qualify. On 16th of May, Croatia will perform in the 2nd semifinal in 10th position.

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