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Armenia | "I Will Do My Best To Make People Believe In Me". Eurovoxx Talks To Srbuk

This weekend saw 28 countries travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands for the biggest Eurovision pre-party on the circuit. It was the first time for much of the fans, and press to see their favourites perform live. Before the show, much of the European, and Australia's media had a chance to interview the artists ahead of the show, and find out more in regards to their preparations for the big event in Tel Aviv. Eurovoxx were lucky enough to be there, and we were extremely excited to have had the opportunity to talk to this year's Armenian entrant, Srbuk, who will be performing, "Walking Out". Andy had to comment on how glamorous she was, despite appearing timid, this performer has one powerful voice, and this is what she had to say. Please check out the interview below:

Andy started the interview by asking how she was enjoying Amsterdam. Just like many who have been there, the singer told us that it was full of beautiful people, and that it was a wonderful city. Eurovoxx told her, that everyone was eagerly awaiting her performance, after seeing her impressive music video. Of this the young performer told Andy that, "I think it's going to be very amazing, very excited to perform for the crowd in Amsterdam tonight... it will be very cool". On the night, she certainly lived up to expectation.

Of the support for the song, and how much of it she has received Srbuk told us that, "Thank you all people for supporting me, watching my video, and listening to my video. I love you all so much". Those feelings are reciprocated as the team love her too. This was followed by a lot of smiles, and giggling.

Anyone who has watched the official music video will know that it is powerful, and has an important message. Andy wanted to know if the performer had any control of the video? She responded by saying, "it was team work, which is very important, the ideas were coming from me, and my team, and it was a combined result of all our work". The Armenian star was so pleased when she heard how much the team loved it, and understood the powerful message.

In semi final two, Armenia will open up the show. We asked will it add pressure? "Yes, I am very excited... of course I am a bit nervous, it is a very big responsibility to preform first, but I am going to do my best to open the show as best as I can". Team Eurovoxx certainly has a lot of confidence in the star, and we are sure that she will do very well, and qualify. Of this, Srbuk told us that, "God willing, everything will be good, and I will do my best as an artist, and do my best to make people believe in me, and the message of the song, and perform the best I can". She did this very well at the Eurovision In Concert Amsterdam.

Finally, we ended the interview by asking if the singer had a message to the Eurovoxx viewers, she said, "I love everybody, and I wish that all of you are happy, and that all of you never have to walk out, and never have lost loves in your life, and that you have happy moments".

Last year, Norway opened up semi final 2. This year Armenia has that honour. We are sure she will qualify, and the whole team would like to wish this talented artist a very "հաջողություն" in May.

Are you a fan of the song? Do you think it could do well? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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