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Sweden | Charlotte Perrelli and Edward af Sillén announced as Commentators

Edward af Sillén has confirmed via social media that he will be delivering the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest 2019 commentary for another year - after he was joined by 2014 Swedish representative Sanna Nielsen last year. He's also confirmed that he will be joined by Charlotte Perrelli this year.

The last time Eurovision was hosted in Israel - in 1999 - Swedish performer Charlotte Perrelli represented Sweden at the contest with 'Take Me To Your Heaven' and went on to win the contest bringing Eurovision back to Sweden for a fourth time. Twenty years later, she'll be returning to Israel for Eurovision however this time to provide commentary for Swedish viewers watching the SVT broadcast. Charlotte also returned to the contest in 2008 with schlager-banger 'Hero' which narrowly qualified through the wildcard rule before placing 18th in the final.

Meanwhile, Edward has provided the Swedish commentary every single year since 2008 excluding the two Swedish hosted contests in 2013 and 2016. Over the years he's been joined by many Swedish music icons, including Shirley Clamp and 2015 Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw. In addition to his Eurovision commentary, Edward is also a successful producer and stage director - having worked largely on both Swedish hosted contests including writing the legendary 'Love Love, Peace Peace' interval act.

John Lundvik will represent Sweden this year in Tel Aviv with his pop-gospel track 'Too Late For Love', where he'll be performing in the second semi final on Thursday 16th May in a bid to secure Sweden's place in the final. Check out Andy's reaction to the song here.

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