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Spain | Meet Miki From Spain

This year will mark the 64th Eurovision Song Contest. The contest will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, and will see 41 countries compete for the honour of being Europe's best. There will be two semi finals taking place on Tuesday 14th May, and Thursday 16th May. Ten artists from each will progress to the final that will be held on Saturday 18th May 2019. A grand total of twenty six countries will compete to be Netta's successor at the competition. With just a short time until this event, Eurovoxx will bring you a series of meet the artist articles, that will introduce you to each country that will be participating. Today's instalment comes from Spain who will be represented by Miki.

Who Is Miki?

The singer Miki was born Miguel "Miki" Núñez Pozo on the 6th January 1996. He is 23 years old. Miki is a singer, songwriter from Barcelona. Until his Operación Triunfo appearance, the singer was relatively unknown, and he has now been plucked from obscurity to have the hopes of Spain on his rather large shoulders. Despite this, he is talented as a musician, and he studied the guitar, and piano, as well as having a degree in administration and management. Prior to his spell on Operación Triunfo he toured around the Catalonia province of Spain with his cover band, "Dalton Bang".

Since winning the Spanish national final his song, "La Venda" has charted at number 13 in Spain, and he has also released "Nadie se salva" (with Natalia Lacunza) that peaked at number 41. When asked about his musical influences, Miki has said that He admires Dub Inc, La Raíz, The Cat Empire, Muse and the popular catalan band La Pegatina, whose lead singer Adrià Salas, has written Miki's song for Eurovision, La Venda (The blindfold). Eurovision has now propelled the singer on to the international stage, and with the eyes of 200 million on him, he will now have his biggest audience.

Check Out Miki's Eurovision Entry, "La Venda" Below:

How Was Miki Chosen?

This year Spain had decided to use a national final in order to chose their Eurovision entry. Once again, for the tenth year the country had opted to use, "Operación Triunfo" to find its representative. Spain's search started on the 19th September 2018 when they held their first gala. Fourteen shows were held that culminated in the final on the 19th December 2019. Miki was not in the final show, which was won by Famous with the song, "Faith". It was the Eurovision gala that would take place on the 20th January 2019 that would determine Spain's next representative. Ten of the contestants from the gala shows would come back, and each sing an original song. It would be the public who would decide the winner. They categorically chose Miki, and his song, "La Venda" who won with a large 34% of the televote.

Check Out Andy Reacts to, "La Venda" Below:

Spain At The Eurovision Song Contest

Spain first debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest all the way back in 1961 when Conchita Bautista would sing "Estando contigo". The country would place 9th with eight points. The broadcaster RTVE, are always automatically guaranteed a place in the final as they contribute most to Eurovision, and are part of the "Big 5". These five countries, along with host nation that will always appear in the final. They have been present at the competition no less than 58 times, with this year marking their 59th outing in the show. Since they first appeared they have never missed a show, and follow behind the United Kingdom with most consecutive Eurovision appearances. They have come last on 5 occasions. The first was back in 1962 when, Victor Balaguer's song, "Llámame" scored the unenviable "Nil Point". History would repeat itself in 1965, and 1983, when the country would come last again with "Nil Point". Lydia would also come last in 1999 with the song, "No quiero escuchar" scoring one point, whilst their final last place came in 2017 when Manel Navarro's, "Do it for your lover" only scored 5 points. The country has however, won the competition twice, and made history in 1968 when Massiel with the song, "la,la,la" and Salomé's 1969 song "Viva Cantando" won the contest back to back. In 1969, Spain had to share the victory with the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and France. In total Spain have had an impressive 28 top ten finishes over the years, ten top five finishes, and seven top three finishes.

In its 58 year history, Spain have awarded their most points to Germany, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, and Ireland. Whilst they have received most of their points from Portugal, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Greece.

Last year Spain were represented by Amaia y Alfred with the song, "Tu canción". Unfortunately it failed to set the voting alight as it ultimately scoring 61 points, placing 23.

Do you like the song? Will it qualify? Please tell us what you think in the comments below. The whole team at Eurovoxx would like to wish Tulia a very big "buena suerte".

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