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Israel | Netta Barzilai Becomes Emotional When Finding Out Her Heritage

This year the Eurovision Song Contest are being proudly sponsored by their presenting partner, MyHeritage which is the leading global service for family history and DNA testing. With the contest only several weeks away, the company has decided to profile Netta, and find out more about her heritage. The results are in, and it's left the Eurovision winner quite emotional.

The results of the tests showed that She is 51.4% Sephardic Jewish from North Africa, 45.4% Ashkenazi Jewish, 1.7% Baltic, and 1.5% Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. It also showed that Netta’s great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Seror, was originally from Tripoli, Libya where he owned a soap factor. My Heritage also found 7,000 brand new relatives through shared DNA who come from 60 countries around the world. You can check the reaction to the results below:

The presenting partners have been quite active behind the scenes, in promoting people's heritage. They are also responsible for the bus (click the link here) that will be touring several European cities. The company are endeavouring to find out the heritage of many former Eurovision stars, but have also had many from this year's contest to take part in finding out their identity. The company has said,

“MyHeritage is partnering with the Eurovision Song Contest to celebrate our shared values of diversity, heritage, and unity....It was a delight to offer Netta the opportunity to learn about her family’s past and explore how her creative identity has been shaped by her roots.”

Netta's results were a bit of a surprise, and when the Irish was revealed she was quite excited, and taken aback. The tests provided information on 300 years of history on her ancestors, and opened up a wealth of family history. There will be many more exciting journeys to come for many of the artists who will, and have been profiled.

This year, you will see the logo everywhere around the contest. Has Netta's results surprised you? Would you be tempted to take a test yourself? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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