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Bulgaria | No Plans For A Eurovision Return

The Bulgarian broadcaster BNT have officially revealed that Bulgaria will not be returning to Eurovision in the near future. When asked about Eurovision on Twitter, BNT responded by saying: "At this stage there are no plans for a return in the near future as the program does not fit any longer in the content strategy of the broadcaster”. It is yet unknown whether Bulgaria will broadcast Eurovision 2019 or not.

The Bulgarian broadcaster first confirmed that they would be withdrawing from Eurovision back in October 2018 when they sent out this tweet below, and now it appears that for the foreseeable future, we won't be seeing Bulgaria in The Eurovision Song Contest.

This is not the first time that Bulgaria has withdrawn from the contest. They withdrew in 2014 and 2015, citing financial difficulties with the broadcaster stating that they were not receiving sufficient funds for Bulgaria to participate in Eurovision. They returned in 2016 better than ever with an impressive 4th place from Poli Genova, their best placing at the time. They continued to go from strength to strength, with Kristian Kostov achieving 2nd place in 2017. Their most recent participation in 2018 saw the group Equinox reach 13th place in the final with 166 points.

Check out our thoughts on Bulgaria withdrawing from Eurovision

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