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Spain | 'It's About Learning To Love Yourself', Eurovoxx Talks to Miki

This weekend saw 28 countries travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands, for the biggest Eurovision pre-party on the circuit. It was the first time for much of the fans, and press to see their favourites perform live. Before the show, much of the European, and Australia's media had a chance to interview the artists ahead of the show, and find out more in regards to their preparations for the big event in Tel Aviv. Eurovoxx were lucky enough to be there, and one of the first artists to be interviewed was Miki from Spain, who will be singing his song, "La Venda". The young singer who has been clearly hitting the gym, and has bulked up a lot was more than happy to talk to our Spanish senorita Clara, and this is what he had to say. Please check the interview below:

It all began with plenty of smiles, Miki was "Nice", smiley, and acknowledged that all the people had been very kind. Two Spanish people having an interview in English would prove to be a very fun discussion.

Clara began by asking Miki about Operacion Triunfo, and how it had prepared him for Eurovision. The talented singer told us that there were two shows, and he won the Eurovision Gala. However, OT was useful in the sense that they were training them with vocal rehearsals, and emotional things. He said, "when you are in a house with sixteen people you don't know... you end up being like brothers, and sisters, and is a master of emotions.... it prepares you for life I think". There was only one emotion that he was portraying, and that was of happiness.

Clara then asked about the staging, and how much control Miki had over it. He told us, "when i was chosen for Eurovision, I talk with all the people from Televisión Española. I told them I don't want them to make any decisions without me". He acknowledged they are professionals and they would try and do the best for Spain. However, "I am the one that is going to be on stage, I have to be comfortable". Miki said that he would use their ideas, but also add his own. This sounds like the perfect compromise for a singer, and a country who want to do well at the contest.

The talented artist was so thrilled that his favourite band wrote this song. This in fact was shown through the smile that he gave when Clara broached on the subject. This then led on to Eurovoxx asking about the style of the song which is very Spanish, yet is not your typical Spanish song at the contest. Miki said, "This is what we are used too if you go partying outside (in Spain)...The song is Spain, it's fresh, it's Rhythm with a message". We want to go to Spain, and really feel that, "La Venda" vibe.

He was then asked about the message of the song, to which the Spanish artist told us, "it's about starting to love yourself, the blindfold has to start to fall down. No-one can tell you what is good, and what is bad. What is the right way, what is the wrong way. You are the only one that has to chose these things".

The interview ended on a really fun note with Clara telling Miki that she had taught our very own Andy the song in Spanish. The singer embraced this, and wanted to see it. Andy certainly performed, and went the same colour as Miki's tee shirt. It was an appropriate, and fun way to end the interview.

This year Spain will automatically qualify for the grand final, as it is part of the "Big 5" who contribute most to the EBU. We will next see Miki in London, and other Eurovision pre-parites. The whole of the team would like to wish this wonderful singer "buena suerte".

Do you like the song? Where do you think it will place in the final? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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