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Israel | It's Official!!!! Madonna Confirmed To Sing At Eurovision 2019

It has been rumoured for several months now that Madonna would be appearing at the Eurovision Song Contest. It turns out that these rumours are true, as the host broadcaster for the contest, KAN have confirmed that she will be singing at this year's competition.

The Queen of Pop, and international superstar is on the Eurovision stage, and joins the likes of Justin Timberlake who also sang as part of the interval in Stockholm, Sweden in 2016. This in fact will be the stars fourth appearance in Israel, as she had previously performed there in 1993, 2009, and 2012. She can now add 2019 to that. If you thought getting tickets to the Grand Final was difficult before, it will be even more difficult now.

Check out Madonna's song "Hung Up" below, which was a major hit several years ago:

Despite rumours that she would not perform due to one of the song choices being too political, it seems that this is not the case. KAN have also confirmed that she will sing two songs on stage, which will include one of her major hits, and one of the brand new tracks that she will be releasing soon.

According to local media, a figure between one and three million dollars has been rumoured as the amount of money that has been paid to tempt the global superstar onto the Eurovision stage. It has been speculated that Sylvan Adams is the millionaire business man that has paid for this. Although, this is not confirmed.

See what Team Eurovoxx had to say below:

It looks like this years Eurovision participants will have to share a stage with a global superstar too. Is the stage big enough for everyone though? Today's announcement is certainly exciting news.

Are you happy with this news? Do you think that international stars should perform as an interval act, or it takes away from the performers? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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