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Netherlands | This Year's Eurovision In Concert Artists Meet Amsterdam Mayor

Tonight the eleventh edition of Eurovision In Concert will take place live from the AFAS stadium in Amsterdam. The organisers of this year's show have released an image showing all of this year's artists meeting the mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema.

As well as the artists meeting the other participants, and collective press for the first time, they can now gather the importance, and popularity of the event as they now have had the chance to meet important dignitaries from the city.

Tonight will see the following artists perform in Amsterdam:

Eurovision 2019 Competing Artists

  • Jonida Maliqi (Albania)

  • Srbuk (Armenia)

  • Kate Miller-Heidke (Australia)

  • Paenda (Austria)

  • Zena (Belarus)

  • Eliot (Belgium)

  • Lake Malawi (Czech Republic)

  • Leonora (Denmark)

  • Darude & Sebastian Rejman (Finland)

  • Oto Nemsadze (Georgia)

  • S!sters (Germany)

  • Katerine Duska (Greece)

  • Joci Pápai (Hungary)

  • Hatari (Iceland)

  • Sarah McTernan (Ireland)

  • Kobi Marimi (Israel)

  • Jurij Veklenko (Lithuania)

  • Anna Odobescu (Moldova)

  • D Moll (Montenegro)

  • Duncan Laurence (Netherlands)

  • KEiiNO (Norway)

  • Tulia (Poland)

  • Ester Peony (Romania)

  • Serhat (San Marino)

  • Nevena Bozovic (Serbia)

  • Miki (Spain)

  • Luca Hanni (Switzerland)

  • Michael Rice (United Kingdom)

Special Guest Performers

  • Special guest – Nicole (Germany 1982)

  • Special guest – Dana International (Israel 1998)

  • Support act – Justine Pelmelay (Netherlands 1989)

  • Support act – Sieneke (Netherlands 2010)

  • Support act – Rosina from Harmony (Netherlands 1978)

Once again the show will be hosted by Dutch Eurovision commentator Cornald Maas, his co-host will be Marlayne who represented the Netherland's back in 1999.

The doors will open at 18:30, with the support acts performing their entries from 19:30. The show will officially begin at 20:00, with the show expected to end at 23:00. For those lucky enough to have gained tickets, there will also be an after show party straight after with special guests attending. Have you got yours?

It has almost become customary at these events for artists to meet dignitaries, and important officials from the cities. It is a sign how important Eurovision is an event for a country.

Are you going tonight? Please tell us if you are in the comments below.

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