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Poland | Meet Tulia From Poland

This year will mark the 64th Eurovision Song Contest. The contest will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, and will see 41 countries compete for the honour of being Europe's best. There will be two semi finals taking place on Tuesday 14th May, and Thursday 16th May. Ten artists from each will progress to the final that will be held on Saturday 18th May 2019. A grand total of twenty six countries will compete to be Netta's successor at the competition. With just a short time until this event, Eurovoxx will bring you a series of meet the artist articles, that will introduce you to each country that will be participating. Today's instalment comes from Poland who will be represented by Tulia.

Who Are Tulia?

The band 'Tulia' consist of four young singers who combine their classic archaic voices, with distinctive folk music, which they incorporate with a modern twist culminating in an old and new sound. The group were formed in late 2017, in Szczecin Poland, and they have already began to become extremely recognised in their native home land. There are four singers in the band: Joanna Sinkiewicz, Dominika Siepka, Patrycja Nowicka and Tulia Biczak, whose name was chosen as the name of the band. The magic happened in October 2017, when they covered Depeche Mode's, "Enjoy The Silence" in their own unique style, that appeared on YouTube, and their official Facebook page. In the space of a year the song has had over 3.8 million views on YouTube. They had officially made it in Poland.

Tulia would be quickly signed up by 'Universal Music', and release their debut album, also called, "Tulia" on the 25th October 2018. It charted at number 7 in the album charts, went platinum, and sold over 30,000 copies. Their success has seen them perform at several festivals, and many television programmes in Poland. They are a highly sought after group now. The group would also cover other hits such as Metallica's, "Nothing Else Matters" that has seen them clock up over 6.4 million views on Youtube in three months. Their most successful cover was of David Podsialdo, "Nieznajomy" which has culminated in over 10 million views. Eurovision has now become their next big project.

Check Out Tulia's Eurovision Entry, "Fire Of Love (Pali się)" Below:

How Were Tulia Chosen?

This year Poland had opted to use an internal selection to decide which artists would represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. The country had won the Junior Eurovision 2018 with a song chosen internally, and this may have been a reason why the broadcaster had opted to use this selection process compared to previous national finals that had been held. On the 23rd January, the national broadcaster opened up a submission period for artists, and songwriters to submit their entries. This deadline expired on the 5th February 2019. It was then up to an expert panel, that reviewed all the submissions. Ultimately RTP chose Tulia with the song, "Fire Of Love (Pali się)". This official announcement came on the 15th February 2019.

Check Out Andy Reacts To, "Fire Of Love (Pali się)" Below:

Poland At The Eurovision Song Contest

Poland first debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1994 when Edyta Górniak's song, "To nie ja!" nearly won the competition having placed second with 166 points. An impressive start for a debut performance. Since then the country have appeared no less than 21 times, with this year marking their 22nd appearance at the contest. The country have missed the contest on four occasions having been absent from the 2000, 2002, 2012, and 2013 editions. They have appeared in fourteen grand finals, and have a mixed bag of results over the years. Of all their participations, they have only made the top ten on three occasions, and only been in the top 5 once, which was their debut participation back in 1994. Their worst result in a grand final came in 2008 when Isis Gee's song, "For Life" scored 14 points, culminating in a 24th place finish. Whilst in 2011, Magdalena Tul's. "Jestem" came last in that semi final scoring only 18 points. Since the introduction of the semi finals, Poland have only qualified 6 times out of a possible 13 occasions.

At Eurovision Poland have given most of their points in the finals too Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Belgium. Whilst the country has received most of its points from Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, France and Ireland.

Last year Poland were represented by Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer with their song, "Light Me Up". Despite being popular in the lead up to the contest, they failed to secure enough votes to qualify from the semi finals. They placed 14th, scoring 81 points.

Do you like the song? Will it qualify? Please tell us what you think in the comments below. The whole team at Eurovoxx would like to wish Tulia a very big, "Powodzenia".

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