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ESC 2019 | 'All Aboard' Will The My Heritage Eurovision Bus Be Rollling Into Your Town?

April 2, 2019


Are you going to the Eurovision Song Contest this year?  if not don't worry because the sponsors of this year's contest, "My Heritage" are providing bus tours of various cities across Europe.  If you are planning to go to some of the Eurovision pre-parties you may spot one there.


It has been announced that the 'MyHeritage Eruovision Bus' will visit major European cities in Europe from the 5th to the 21st April 2019, and "bring all the colour, and fun of the Eurovision Song Contest".  The bus will provide those that wish to jump on board a chance to enter an exclusive song competition, and maybe win tickets to the grad final show itself. 


The following cities will see the bus roll into town:


Amsterdam                 Berlin                 Barcelona

6 April                         11 April                17 April


Hamburg                    Cologne             Madrid 

7 April                         12 April               19-20 April


Copenhagen             Paris                    Lisbon 

8 April                        13 April                21 April


Oslo                            London 

9 April                         14 April


Stockholm                  Geneva

10 April                       16 April 



The arrival of the bus will also give fans of the contest to take Eurovision themed selfies, with guest appearances.  Who could it be? The presenting partners have said that, 


"The tour aims not just to bring the spirit of Eurovision to cities around Europe, but also demonstrate the connections that bind us all into #OneBigFamily. Visitors will have the opportunity to build their own family trees on MyHeritage and perhaps discover something new about their family history".


Will the bus be heading to your city?  Please tell us in the comments below.



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