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Eurovision 2019 | Changes To The Voting Announcements

The voting is one of the most exciting and nerve wracking moments of the Eurovision process, and with seven weeks until the Grand Final will take place, the EBU has announced a change to the voting announcement of the final.

Since 2016 the jury and public have had their own equal weighted vote, with the jury votes being announced first and the televote providing the exciting climax to the show, and although no chances as to how the jury votes will be announced, there is a big change to that of the televote.

Traditionally, the televote results would be announced in reverse order based on their placing in the televote, with 26th place getting their televote score and working backwards up to the televoting winner, however in 2019 this will not be the case, the countries will receive their televoting score now based on where they place in the jury vote.

To keep it more exciting and unsure of who will win, the country who places 26th in the jury vote will receive their televote score first, and work backwards up to the top of the scoreboard based on the jury points, this means we will not know who has won Eurovision 2019 until the jury final winner has received their televote score, a quick example is that if this was implemented in 2018, Ukraine would have received their televote score first of the 26 despite placing in the top ten on the public, and Austria would have received their televote score last despite placing only 13th with the public, so despite when you get announced in the sequence of points, the amount of points received could be wildly different to the nations before or after you.

The official statement released from the EBU on is as follows:

"In 2019, the presentation of the votes changes slightly. The order in which the televoting results are revealed is determined by the ranking of the jury result. The announcement of the televoting results will start with the country receiving the fewest points from the juries and end with the country that received the highest points from the juries. The presenters shall announce the sum of points that each song has received from the votes of the televote across all participating countries"

What do you think of the changes? Are you fan of them? Let us know your thoughts and feelings below!

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