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Georgia | Oto's revamped song and backing singers revealed

Georgia's Eurovision 2019 song (formerly titled "Sul Tsin Iare") has undergone a revamp. Despite it's new English title, "Keep On Going", the song remains in the Georgian language. The song still sounds very similar to the original version, with only minor changes being made. The song is available on various streaming platforms, including Spotify.

Oto has been working with Giorgi Ebralidze on the official music video which is expected to be released in early April. The video will include “specially selected personalities” alongside members of "Shavnabada", a Georgian folk ensemble.

The names of the five backing singers that will join Oto on stage in Tel Aviv have also been revealed - and there's a familiar face in the line up!

  • Dato Tsintsadze

  • Giga Chigogidze

  • Giorgi Kananadze

  • Mikheil Javakhishvili

  • Spartak Sharikadze

All of these singers are members of the folk ensemble "Shavnabada". Mikheil Javakhishvili represented Georgia in Eurovision 2018 as part of Iriao.

Check out Andy's reaction to Oto's Eurovision song!

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