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San Marino | Serhat reveals 'Say Na Na Na' was written in five minutes

Serhat has revealed that his Eurovision 2019 song 'Say Na Na Na' was written in five minutes whilst he was walking along the streets of Cologne, Germany.

Speaking to INFE Cyprus, Serhat talked about his upcoming Eurovision participation for San Marino. He explained that whilst he was in Cologne, he received a phone call from the Sanmarinese broadcaster SMRTV about representing San Marino for a second time at Eurovision. Despite Eurovision not being on his agenda, he told the broadcaster: "If we have a good song, I will do it".

Serhat then wrote 'Say Na Na Na' whilst on the streets of Cologne and within five minutes, he rang the broadcaster back to say: "We have the song".

Serhat describes his song as an: "Invitation to celebrate life. It gives hope and happiness to everyone. We all need and deserve it always but especially in these days".

Check out Andy's reaction to Say Na Na Na!

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