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ESC 2019 | Who's In The One Million Club?

With less than seven weeks until Christmas, or should we say the Eurovision Grand Final. It is getting very tense with the fans, and bookmakers as to whom will win. The pre-parties begin next week, and seeing the live performances will change things. Eurovoxx now want to know which artists so far have made the one million club? By this we mean which songs have tipped over a million views on the official Eurovision channel. With 41 countries participating this year, has your favourite hit a million. Twelve countries have joined the club so far, an increase of two since Sunday. Please note these figures were correct at the time of publish, and reflect the video's submitted to the official Eurovision channel. Check our list of all the entries that have made it thus far.

1) Netherlands - Duncan Laurence with the song, "Arcade"

YouTube Hits: 4,050,950

Bookies Odds: 1st favourite to win (19% Winning Chance)

There is no surprise to see Duncan at the number one spot. As soon as his song was released it went in at number two. However, in a space of two days it jumped to number one, and has remained there ever since. The views from the video keep on increasing daily, and the song has won many fans. It is probably one of the most moving video's, and performances of this year;s Eurovision season. Will this result in the first win for the Netherlands in 44 years? In 53 days we will find out.

2) Malta - Michela Pace with the song, "Chameleon"

YouTube Hits: 3,774, 200

Bookies Odds: 9th favourite to win (4% Chance Of Winning)

Malta over the last few years have failed to qualify. Despite their best efforts they have remained in the semi final's. This year the country opted for a new approach, and opted to find their singer via the "X Factor" show. Michela won it, and several weeks later, "Chameleon" dropped. It has been popular with the fans, and is slowly catching up with the Netherlands with it's views. TVM are plugging the song on YouTube a lot. However, it is a fantastic song.

3) Armenia - Srbuk With the song, "Walking Out"

YouTube Hits: 3,636, 350

Bookies Odds: 12th favourite to win (2% Chance Of Winning)

Fans were expecting great things from Armenia this year. True to style, they have delivered. It has been one of those video's that has seen the views climb up rapidly. In fact it only took a week before Srbuk entered the million views club. Can she hit four million by next week? Time will tell.

4) Switzerland - Luca Hänni with the song, "She Got Me"

YouTube Hits: 1,897, 495

Bookies Odds: 3rd favourite to win (11% Chance Of Winning)

Luca's song started off strong in the betting, and with YouTube when it was first released a couple of weeks ago. However, in the last week there has been a surge in the betting for this young artist, and he has become a real contender to win for Switzerland. It has been some years since the country has qualified for a grand final. With these odds it would seem a safe bet to see them in the final.

5) Sweden - John Lundvik with the song, "Too Late For Love"

YouTube Hits: 1,428, 093

Bookies Odds : 4th favourite to win (8% Chance Of Winning)

John's song was popular from the word go. He was clear favourite to win the Melodifestivalen, after his semi final performance, and now he is hoping to go all the way, and win Eurovision. Sweden regularly qualify for the final, and tend to be the favourites amongst the bookies most years. One of the last songs to be chosen by the public, has seen his YouTube views increase week by week.

6) Italy - Mahmood with the song, "Soldi"

YouTube Hits: 1,403, 878

Bookies Odds: 6th favourite to win (5% Chance Of Winning)

It was the case of will he? or wont he? when Mahmood won Sanremo 2019. However, to the delight of many, he is Italy's entrant this year. He has the most Spotify streams which are into the tens of millions, and his Sanremo performance of "Soldi" has reached millions on YouTube. His hits increase from day to day.

7) Russia - Sergey Lazarev with the song, "Scream"

YouTube Hits: 1,389, 570

Bookies Odds : 2nd favourite to win (13% Chance Of Winning)

You can never discount Russia at Eurovision. Despite being bookies favourite, prior to the official release of "Scream". Sergey has remained consistently at number 2 with the bookies. The video for "Scream" on his official site, has already surpassed two million views. He has increased from 11 to 13% chance of winning in the last week with the bookies , and his performance is bound to be memorable in Tel Aviv.

8) France - Bilal Hassani with the song, "Roi"

YouTube Hits: 1,279, 805

Bookies Odds: 14th favourite to win (2% Chance Of Winning)

France has seen a renaissance in regards to its entries over the previous years. Again, the country are doing well in projecting a new star on the European stage. From the word go the singer was popular, and his YouTube count has been steadily climbing over the last few weeks. He is also a very influential YouTuber, and has an adoration of fans. He has just recently released two new singles, and will be riding high on the Eurovision wave.

9) Belgium - Eliot with the song, "Wake Up"

YouTube Hits: 1,223, 785

Bookies Odds: 18th favourite to win (1% Chance Of Winning)

Last year Belgium failed to qualify for the grand final, after a string of successes with other artists that not only qualified, but made the top ten frequently. Another singer from the Belgium's voice, the young singer is proving to be very popular. There was much anticipation for the release of his song "Wake Up", and this has been shown in the number of views he has seen on the official Eurovision website. Can he qualify? Of course he can.

10) Germany - S!sters with the song, "Sister"

YouTube Hits: 1,104, 150

Bookies Odds: 23rd favourite to win (1% Chance Of Winning)

The surprise winners of the German national final. The duo have not really troubled the bookmakers, and are the least favourite of the Big 5 to win. However, only just. After a return to the top ten last year, after spending several years at the bottom of the leader board, it is hoped that S!sters can repeat the success of Michael Schulte last year. On YouTube views however, they have been part of the one million club for the last few weeks.

11) Azerbaijan - Chingiz with the song, "Truth"

Youtube Hits: 1,031, 905

Bookies Odds: 16th favourite to win (1% Chance Of Winning)

In the last few days, footage of Chingiz preparing, and practising his Eurovision entry has been available on social media. Since then, he has become the newest member of the one million club, only hitting that magic number today. Another country you can never rule out of Eurovision. Last year Aisel failed to qualify, Eurovoxx doubts they will have that issue this year.

12) Australia - Kate Miller- Heidke with the song, "Zero Gravity"

Youtube Hits: 1,021, 230

Bookies Odds: 17th favourite to win (1% Chance Of Winning)

Australia have always qualified for the Eurovision Song Contest in the short time that they have been active participating member. This year the country has held its first televised national final, and there has been a lot of interest in this song. It is certainly diverse, and many see it as either a, "Love it or Hate it" song. It has only been in the last few days that the number of hits has passed one million, and has been climbing steadily over the last few weeks.

Just missing out on the list is North Macedonia, and Lithuania who's YouTube views have passed 900,000. Will they join the million club next week?

Is your favourite on the list? Are you happy with the order? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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