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Russia | Dima Bilan Receives Award For Contribution To Music

Dima Bilan who represented, and won the Eurovision Song Contest for Russia in 2008 has been awarded with a prestigious award for his contribution to Russian music.

The awards ceremony took place yesterday in the atrium of the Bolsho Theatre that saw the Culture Minister

Vladamir Medinsky pin the award to Dima Bilan in recognition of his contribution to music and culture. The award ceremony saw the minister award those who have contributed to culture and the arts within Russia, Dima was one of those artists who has had his work recognised.

Relive Dima's moment below:

Generally those awarded are given a letter of thanks from the President. However, this year's awards saw pop stars, and those involved with the theatre, and cinema recognised. Dima Bilan however, received his award slightly injured.

The talented artist arrived with crutches, or as he called them, "gadgets" after he had broken his leg due to slipping on ice near his home recently. According to the star was said to have found it a, "great joy to be appreciated".

Dima represented Russia in 2006, and 2008 where he came 2nd, and first respectively. He is known as Russia's most successful Eurovision entrant. Since his participation he has been prolific in his work with music, and television. The artist has released over 20 singles, 8 albums, and has won numerous awards. Now he can add this new to the ever increasing list of accolades.

Which of Dima's Eurovision songs do you prefer? Would you like to see him back at Eurovision for a third time? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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