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Hungary | Eurovision Performance To Feature Pictures Of Fathers

The national broadcaster for Hungary, MTVA have shed more light on the staging of the countries entry this year by putting in a call for people to submit pictures of their fathers.

The broadcaster have asked the public from all over the world to do this, in order to make a diverse image of fatherhood being displayed on the screen in Tel Aviv. This year Joci Pápai will be singing, "Az én apám", which translates to "My Father". It would be appropriate therefore to include actual genuine photo's of fathers to the staging of the song.

Check out Andy reacts to Joci Pápai, "Az én apám" below:

The broadcaster has revealed that anyone is able to submit a picture by forwarding them to Anyone wishing to do this will have to be quick as there is only five days to do this. MTVA have set up until March 31st as their deadline. Also, those who wish to send pictures must include their name, email address, and phone number.

It is not the first time that Eurovision artists have used the general public's images to help with the staging on a song. Back in 2014, Malta used over 200 selfies in their performance. The UK, has also tried this approach in 2016, where Joe & Jake incorporated hundreds of selfies when showcasing their song.

Joci is no stranger to Eurovision having represented Hungary at the 2017 contest with the song, "Origo". He respectively placed 8th, and will be hoping for a better position with his new Eurovision song.

Do you like the song? Do you like the staging idea for "Az én apám"? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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