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Belarus | Studio Version Of ZENA's 'Like It' Now Available On Spotify

Yesterday, the broadcaster for Belarus BRTC announced that the studio version for ZENA's "Like It" would be released today on Spotify. This morning, the song has indeed dropped, and fans can now hear the studio version of the Eurovison entry which has some subtle changes.

Now fans can hear the studio version, which has a subtle revamp. The song, "Like It" was released earlier on the streaming services, and can be found on Spotify under her Cyrillic name 'Зена'. Belarus are now gearing up for Tel Aviv in May.

This year ZENA won the Belarus national final with ease, scoring 69 points out of a possible 70. The song, "Like It" was favourite before the final, and this year the country opted to chose its entrant using a professional jury only. Recent reports suggested that this was done at the request of the artists who did not want any public in put as to who would be the countries representative.

Those who follow Junior Eurovision will also recognise ZENA from November, when she was one of the hosts of the competition that was held in Minsk. She hosted the show well, and representing her home nation as an adult singer, seems almost the next natural progression. The young talent was a finalist in the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk, and came in 3rd place in 2016.

Last year Belarus was represented by Alekseev with his song, "Forever". He sang in semi final 1, scoring only 65 points ending in a 16th place finish.

Do you like the song? Do you think ZENA's experience will help Belarus qualify for the final of Eurovision? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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