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France | Bilal Hassani Releases Jaloux, And Fais Beleck

With less than two months until Bilal Hassani takes to the stage in Tel Aviv, the young stars preparations are in full swing for his chance to shine on Europe's biggest stage. Despite the Eurovision preparation, the young artist has found time to release some brand new songs.

He has released "Jaloux" and "Fais Beleck" which have been written by Medelaine, who is responsible for collaborating with Madame Monsieur for this year's entry, "Roi". You can check the songs out below:

"Jaloux" has already received nearly fourteen thousand hits on YouTube, and is sung in true Bilal style. His vocals are on par, but the song has a really modern, edgy, yet catchy style to it. A big career in the music industry is certainly burdening.

"Fais Beleck" too is similar, It certainly has a modern quality, and is very pop, and dance. The second song accompanies the first very well. It is not known whether these will feature on his new album. "Kingdom" will drop in April, just before he heads to Tel Aviv. It is the perfect time to release the album, as it coincides well with the contest, and will likely to push through sales.

This year Bilal was chosen by the French public to be this year's Eurovision representative. During the French national final, Bilal stormed to victory with the public vote. The international juries placed him 5th with 50 points. However, thanks to a massive televote of 150 points, which led to combined score of 200 points, he was able to win the ticket to Tel Aviv.

Do you like the two new singles that have been released recently? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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