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United Kingdom | Michael Rice To Perform "Bigger Than Us" On Croatian Television This Weekend

March 25, 2019

Michael Rice will be representing the United Kingdom in Eurovision 2019 with the entry "Bigger Than Us" and over the weekend he announced he shall perform his entry on Croatian television this forthcoming weekend. 


 Michael took to social media last night to announce he will singing as a guest performer on the Croatian television show "Zvijezde Pjevaju" the show is a unique format where a celebrity is paired with a famous musician and perform each week, with one duo being eliminated each week. This is the first time the show has made a return to Croatian television since 2014, as part of HRT's mission objective to return to more artistic and competition style broadcasting in 2019, which also included the return of Dora, the Croatian national selection show. 


Michael won the right to represent the United Kingdom after winning the selection show Eurovision:You Decide back in February, Michael has also confirmed he will be performing at the London Eurovision Party as well as the Moscow Pre Party and Madrid also in April, Michael is also the first male soloist to represent the United Kingdom since 2012. Check out what Andy thought of Michael's winning performance of "Bigger Than Us" below 




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