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Latvia | Minor Changes Made To Carousel's 'That Night'

With under two months until the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest, many countries are making final preparations to improve their songs, in order to try and improve their chances at the contest. The next country to have done this is Latvia who have made slight changes to their entry.

"That Night" by the duo Carousel won the right to represent Latvia back in February, when they won 'Supernova 2019'. Now, the artists have decided to give the song a minor revamp as they have released the new version on the streaming services. The entry can be streamed on Spotify:

In the next few weeks the artists will be playing live to many of Eurovision's fans at the pre parties, and these changes will give a good guide, in regards to how well they have gone down. Both the vocals, and instrumentals seem to be more enhanced now, This may increase its chances of qualification come May.

In recent weeks several other countries such as Spain, Hungary, Serbia, Albania and last week saw Montenegro change their songs. In most cases, the move has gone down very positive with fans. Check out Andy reacts to Latvia below:

What do you think of the subtle changes? Do you think it makes a difference? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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