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Ireland | '22' was originally written for a male singer

Head of Delegation for Ireland, Michael Kealy, has revealed that their Eurovision song this year, '22', was originally written for a male singer. Speaking to Liffey Sound FM, Michael said that the demo version of '22' was recorded by a male vocalist, and was not intended for Sarah McTernan.

The Eurovision selection panel for the Irish broadcaster alongside Michael himself, were all in agreement that the song would be best suited to a male vocalist. That was, until they heard Sarah's version of the song, which prompted them to reconsider their earlier decision to send a male vocalist.

Michael went on to talk about what he thinks of Ireland's chances in Tel Aviv:

"“We had a strong semi-final last year and everyone said we wouldn’t qualify, everyone said we would struggle to qualify…and we qualified comfortably. I am not writing our chances off by any means and I think she has a very, very strong chance to qualify.

A lot of those songs are very similar. A lot of them have a big ballad-y kind of song. Ours is different — ours will stand out for being different. There are also a lot of male vocals going on there. We don’t. We have a female vocal. That will differentiate us as well.”

Check out Andy's reaction to 22 below and let us know your reaction!


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