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Spain | 'Miki Y Amigos' Concert To Be Held Before Eurovision 2019

He has been riding high since he was chosen to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 back in January. Now it has been revealed that the Spanish broadcaster, TVE, will now be holding a special concert for Miki before he heads to Tel Aviv with his song, "La Venda".

The name of the concert will be, "Miki Y Amigos (Miki and friends)", which will see him perform his Eurovision entry with his friends, but will also see the performer sing some of his other favourite songs too. Check out Andy reacts below:

So far the list of performers that will accompany Miki have not been named. However, with less than two months until the final, more details will emerge shortly. The concert is a massive homage to the singer that has seen him gaine lots of new fans since he was chosen to represent Spain in January. The country always attracts hype, but this year it has been a lot more than usual. Tel Aviv will be dancing to "La Venda" come May.

Miki has only recently released the official video clip to his Eurovision Song, along with a few minor changes. It is hoped that these will see Spain reach the top ten once more. Already, the singer is very busy with it being announced that he will be performing in London, Amsterdam, and Madrid pre-parties. This will be a great way to get his song promoted across Europe.

Fans will certainly enjoy this treat from TVE, and it will be a great way to showcase the best of this performer.

The broadcaster did something similar with their representatives Alfred and Amaia last year. Stay tuned for more information. Will you be dancing to this one?

Are you a fan of "La Venda"? Do you think Miki could win Eurovision? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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