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Romania | Selectia Nationala winner Ester Peony received only 356 votes

Ester Peony stormed her way to victory with the support of the six international jurors voting in the final of national selection Selectia Nationala, with four of the six jurors giving her Eurovision entry 'On A Sunday' a maximum 12 points. From one extreme to another, last year Romania gave the full decision to the public vote however following on from their first ever non-qualfiication at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with The Humans and their song 'Goodbye', opted for a return to juries - with the entire public vote only having the equivalent say of one juror.

It was perhaps a good thing for eventual winner - and 2019 Romanian representative - Ester Peony that she was given an insurmountable lead from the juries because broadcaster TVR have released the voting details for the Selectia Nationala final and Ester only picked up 356 votes in total - equivalent to 3% of the total vote. Despite her huge jury lead, she placed 8th out of 12 in the televote, awarding her with 3 points. The winner of the televote, and eventual runner-up, was Laura Bretan with 'Dear Father' who received the full 12 points from the televote after receiving a total of 4,685 public votes overwhelmingly taking more than 40% of the public vote.

Despite her incredible lead within the public vote, by the time the results were handed to the public it was impossible for Laura to win, trailing by 14 points. Following the public scoring, Laura claimed second place and closed the gap to only 5 points but it was not enough to stop Ester heading to Tel Aviv to represent Romania this May. Full voting results can be found below:

1) Laura Bretan – Dear Father - 4,685 votes - 41.95%

2) Trooper – Destin - 1,425 votes - 12.76%

3) Bella Santiago – Army Of Love - 1,161 votes - 10.39%

4) Vaida – Underground - 988 votes - 8.85%

5) Linda Teodosiu – Renegades - 771 votes - 6.90%

6) Letitia Moisescu & Sensibil Balkan – Daina - 572 votes - 5.12%

7) Aldo Blaga – Your Journey - 455 votes - 4.07%

8) Ester Peony – On A Sunday - 356 votes - 3.19%

9) DYA & Lucian Colareza – Without You (Sin ti) - 332 votes - 2.97%

10) Olivier Kaye – Right Now - 151 votes - 1.35%

11) Teodora Dinu – Skyscraper - 139 votes - 1.24%

12) Claudiu Mirea – We Are The Ones - 134 votes - 1.20%

You can check out Andy's reaction to Ester Peony's winning song 'On A Sunday' here:

Are you happy with Ester winning Selectia Nationala? Let us know your thoughts on the Romanian song in the comments below.

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