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Norway | Big Changes for Melodi Grand Prix's 60th Anniversary

It's only been a few weeks since KEiiNO won Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) and the chance to represent Norway at Eurovision. But the country's national broadcaster, NRK, is already thinking ahead to next year's 2020 national finals.

To mark MGP's 60th anniversary next year the show will be expanded to include five semi finals, one in every geographical region of Norway. Then, as usual, the competition will conclude with one grand final show. The Norwegian viewers will decide one winner from each semi final. Another five acts will be picked by a jury, lead by the head of MGP, Stig Karlsen.

MGP has not had semi finals since 2013. But Karlsen has already made significant changes to the contest, since taking over the running in 2017. In November last year he revealed the new rules for submissions to MGP in 2020. Songs for next year must already be submitted by May 17th. One day before the grand final of Eurovision. All songs must also include at least one Norwegian song writer. Karlsen stated that while they do expect fewer entries than in previous years, he is aiming for quality over quantity.

Check out Andy's reaction to 'Spirit In The Sky' by KEiiNO - this years Melodi Grand Prix winner.

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