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North Macedonia | Backing Vocalists for Tamara have been Revealed

This year all hopes of a qualification to the grand final of the Eurovision Song contest rests on the shoulders of Tamara, who will be singing her song "Pride". It has been recently announced that the singer will use three backing vocalists at the competition to be held in two months time.

The talented singer was interviewed by Nezavisen vesnik, who has revealed details of the backing singers for the up, and coming contest. Tamara has revealed that Aleksandra Janeva, Anotnia Gigovska, and Vasil Garvanliev, will be the three backing singers.

It has also been revealed that there will be a Swedish team taking care of the staging, with Aleksandar Noshpal being in charge of the styling. A new name, and a new approach to Eurovision is certainly coming from North Macedonia this year. Could this lead to a qualification? Check out Andy reacts below:

Of her participation Tamara has stated,

"It's really a great honour. With over 150 million viewers around the world, "Eurovision" is the most watched television show in the world and our chance to show the world what we can do...I am happy to have an excellent team beside myself. Thanks to them and their dedication, this year my task is to sing the song as best i can, and of course I will do".

This year the EBU have officially recognised the new name of North Macedonia, and it is hoped that this will bring a change of fortunes for the country at the contest. In ten years the country has only managed to qualify once when Kaliopi finished 13th in the grand final in 2012 scoring 71 points. This is not Tamra's first Eurovision appearance, could it be third time lucky?

What do you think of the song? Do you think North Macedonia can finally qualify? Please tell us your opinions in the comments below.

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