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Italy | 'Soldi' Reaches Double Platinum For Mahmood

Good news for this year's Italian representative, as the singer has announced via his official Facebook page that his Eurovision song, "Soldi" has reached double platinum status in Italy.

It hasn't quite been a month since the songs official release, and it has already gone double platinum. The last time this was to happen to a Eurovision entry was when Francesco Gabbani had his hit "Occidentali's Karma" back in 2017. Check out Andy reacting to "Soldi" below:

The talented singer is currently riding high with fans, and bookies as he is seen as serious contender to win this year's Eurovision Song Contest. His hit has already had millions of streams on Spotify, and YouTube. However, being extremely popular doesn't necessarily mean that you will win. Back in 2017, Francesco was topping all the polls prior to the contest, and only finished 6th that year.

Yesterday's news also coincided with a recent announcement from him that his song would not feature any English. He stated, "I believe that Soldi is already very European, without having to change too much or add other languages also because there are already two languages and with a third it would seem a 'minestrone'. Soldi will remain so, on the stage there will obviously be a graphic".

This year Italy will automatically qualify for the Grand Final, as it is part of the 'Big 5' countries who contribute to the contest annually. Could Italy secure its first win since the 90's. Time will tell.

Do you like the song? Do you think Mahmood could win the competition? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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