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Russia | Sergey's backing vocalists revealed as rehearsals begin

The four backing vocalists who will accompany Sergey Lazarev on stage in Tel Aviv have been revealed. Sergey will be accompanied by four Swedish singers: Adam Svensson, Eric Segerstedt, Jennie Jahns and Simon Lingmert. All four singers are currently in Moscow as they rehearse with Sergey. You can listen to small clip of their rehearsal below.

Despite all being experienced singers, Jennie Jahn is the only singer to have Eurovision experience, having previously been a backing singer for Azerbaijan on numerous occasions. Adam Svensson and Simon Lingmert both have experience as a backing singers in Melodifestivalen, whilst Eric Segerstedt has participated in Melodifestivalen on two occasions as a main singer - in 2009 as part of the group EMD and in 2013 where he sang alongside Danish singer Tone Damli.

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