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Russia | Sergey Lazarev Promises An Epic Performance For Eurovision

Last week Russia were one of the last countries to announce their song for this years up and coming Eurovision Song Contest. Sergey Lazarev had already been internally selected a month prior to this, but his highly anticipated power ballad, "Scream" was released. Despite being firm favourite with the bookies, his position then dropped to second behind the Netherlands, after fans criticised it.

Since then the Russian superstar has given his first interview to, and revealed his plans for his performance at the contest. The singer has also openly spoken out about the negative reaction to the song too. He told the online site that this negativity was similar to that off his 2016 entry "You Are The Only One" when it was first dropped. He said,

"I remember what a squall of criticism was after the song "You Are The Only One", which i performed in 2016 in Stockholm. There was a lot of talk about the song not being catchy, which one is very "formatted". Then they spoke to me like that, but after the song went around the others according to the vote of the audience, everyone changed their opinion immediately".

He is almost telling us that it was his performance, and staging that propelled his first Eurovision song into winning the televote, and that his performance for "Scream" will do exactly the same. It is true to an extent that a performance of a song live, can really make or break it despite how it fairs with fans, and the bookies odds.

Check out Andy reacts to "Scream" below:

Of this year's entry, the talented singer has said that it was meant to be a very different sounding, and style of song to his previous Eurovision attempt. He states that "there must be a unique character in the song. It must be what distinguishes it from others". Sergey was also quite keen to mention that it sounded very much like a soundtrack from a blockbuster movie, and added that, "you will see the performance will be more epic than a movie".

Today's interview comes only a day after it was announced that the singer would be part of the one hundred hosts of the Russian version of "All Together Now". There is something that can always be said of Russia is that they can never be ruled out of the contest. With Sergey, and the "dream team" in charge of this one, Tel Aviv needs to watch out, as something magical could happen?

Are you a fan of the song? Do you think Sergey can win the contest? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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