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North Macedonia | Antonia Gigovska will be backing vocalist for Tamara

It has been revealed that Antonia Gigovska will be a backing singer for Tamara Todevska in Tel Aviv. This will be her second time at Eurovision as a backing vocalist, having previously been a backing vocalist for Eye Cue in Lisbon 2018.

Antonia Gigovska was born in The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in 2001. She has participated in numerous festivals and contests throughout North Macedonia and beyond, including The Golden Stag Festival 2018 where she finished as runner up singing "Cât de frumoasă ești" by Eurovision participant MIHAI. She has also participated popular talent show competition 'Pinkove Zvedice'.

She released her first single "Nevreme" in July 2017 and has since gone on to release a further two songs, "Slaba Strana" and "Svetlina vo Mrak".

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