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Iceland | Hatari Win Music Award Ahead Of Eurovision Performance

Since they were announced as competitors in Iceland's national final. The band Hatari have found themselves to be at the centre of a lot of press attention. They won Songvakeppnin 2019 last month, and are working full on to get Iceland their first Eurovision grand final appearance at the contest for a few years. They are currently riding high with the bookies, but regardless of this, their success at home is paying off. Yesterday, it was announced that the group had won a music award in Iceland.

In Iceland's annual music awards, Hatari were named the "Act Of The Year" in the pop, rock, rap and electronic category. As usual the band were not short of controversy as they opted to not give an acceptance speech, but instead gave a political message to the countries Prime Minister.

Check out Andy reacts below:

The lead singer Matthías Tryggvi Haraldsson admitted to supporting the Prime Minister, but wanted to know whether the country belonged to a group of countries that valued human rights, democracy, and equality. He stated that, "We're a little confused" about the situation.

This is nothing new for the band who have been chosen to represent Iceland this year. It is quite characteristic of their stance at Eurovision to deliver a political message which is against the rules of the competition, They have already been quite vocal in their opinions in regards to Israel, and the event.

Yesterday's win will add to the bands notoriety to the band who have made headlines worldwide since they were chosen to represent their native land. Even in the United Kingdom, where Eurovision is rarely mentioned until the week itself has seen Hatari feature on the BBC, and the Independent.

Even if the band fail to win Eurovision, they can still be seen as winners. They have got their message across, and gained a lot of supporters along the way.

Do you think Iceland will qualify for the Grand final this year? Do you like the song? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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