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Hungary | Revamped Final Version of 'Az én apám' Released

Last month, Joci Pápai won the Hungarian national selection 'A Dal' for a second time in three years, this time with his song 'Az én apám'. As a result, Joci will return to Eurovision once again to represent his nation Hungary on the Eurovision Song Contest stage. Two years ago, he finished in 8th place in the final at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with 'Origo' and now in a bid to replicate his success - or do even better - a revamped version of 'Az én apám' has been released.

The song, titled 'My Father' when translated to English, is a soft and heartfelt song reflecting on his childhood memories and as the early YouTube comments on the revamped video suggest, you do not need to understand the Hungarian lyrics to be able to translate the emotion and genuine nature of his voice.

In the revamped version, the biggest new addition is a greater influence of the accompanying violin instrumental, presenting a classical & ethnic vibe. The violins accompany the chanting sections and definitely add a greater power to the song. The beats throughout have also been tightened, making the whole thing feel a bit more impactful. You can listen to the revamped version and check out the new music video below.

Hungary will be performing in the first half of Semi Final One at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest - with Joci's semi final taking place on Tuesday 14th May.

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