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Russia | Sergey Lazarev To Be Host Of Russian 'All Together Now'

March 14, 2019



All Together Now is heading to Russia this month, and it has been revealed today by RTR that one of its hosts will be none other than Sergey Lazarev who is this year's Russian Eurovision representative.  


The singer will be one of the hosts of the show.  The show which is produced by the BBC has sold it's rights to be produced to one of the Russian broadcasters, with Sergey fronting it.  The show will start on March 23rd 2019, and is certain to be a hit there. 


The show has 100 hosts, with Sergey being one of them.  The 100 consist of singers, performers, vocal coaches, and people from the music industry.  A singer will perform for the 100, and if one of the members like the song they will stand, and sing along.  Their lights will go from red to white.  A person can have a maximum of 100 hosts stand.  The singer with the highest score will automatically go through to the final, whilst the other performers would have to take part in a sing off. 



Last year Michael Rice was the first ever winner of the show.  Check one of his performances above,  He was the first contestant to ever score the full 100.  Coincidentally Michael, was chosen to represent the United Kingdom with his song, "Bigger Than Us".  Could he also win Eurovision too?


This year Russia will once again be represented by Sergey Lazarev who will perform his song, "Scream".  It is highly anticipated that he will qualify for the final, and score well for his native country. 


Will you be watching the Russian version of the show?  Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 




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