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Netherlands | Emma Wortelboer Announced As Dutch Spokesperson

The national broadcaster for the Netherlands, AVROTROS have announced the name of their spokesperson at this year's Eurovision final on the 18th May 2019.

It has been revealed that Emma Wortelboer will be the lady responsible for delivering the results of the Dutch jury, at the up, and coming contest. In being named, she is the first of the 41 spokespersons to be revealed so far.

A lot has changed over the years. Since the new voting system has come into place, it has meant that the spokespersons only reveals the 12 points. Prior to 2016, they had read 8,10 and 12, and further back they would be responsible for reading out all points, which had lead to numerous blunders over the years. Check out Andy reacting to Duncan Laurence below:

Who Is Emma Wortelboer?

Emma started her career as a journalist, and reported for BNN. She is now well recognised in the Netherlands as a chat show host, where she is one of the presenters on 'De Wereld Draait Door'. She has made no secret of her desire to do this, and has been passionate about the contest for years. Of today's announcement she has said, " Incredible.... I can hardly believe I will be there".

This year the country stands a good chance of winning, as they will be represented by Duncan Laurence with his song, "Arcade". Already it is fan, and bookies favourite to win the competition.

What do you think of the Netherlands chances this year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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